Saturday, February 16, 2008

Me, Pop-corn, Cold Coffee n Taare Zameen Par

I had thought that the combo of pop-corn n cold coffee which are my favorite at satyam would be the best irrespective of the movie.

And I was overwhelmed when it got together with "Taare Zameen Par". It was a fantastic experience watching the movie. Excellent peformance by the lead cast...especially Darsheel & Aamir....and the attention that has been given to every minute details is simply great. Especially with lots of children involved, I dont think I have a memory of having come across someone looking at the camera, when the focus is on the subject. To me it lets one get completely involved with the on screen reality. Entire crew deserves special compliments for making it a wonderful experience and reminding the audience that there are many children who need more care from us. In the process making everyone feel that there are certain things that need special attention.

Personally, I have been a great observer of children and I often enjoy playing with them. The innocent smile on their face would make anyone forget their problems. There could be times when we have to do the same, bringing smile on their face. And today I have been again reminded of how care and affection can bring change in one's life. I would carry on this journey of my life trying to bring smile on more people's faces as much as I could.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My desire for photography had long been a sleeping volcano…that came out after I bought the camera 5 months back. Growing up without the presence of a camera in the family did not have a negative impact….maybe I would have grown up with it, but without the patience and temperament. Though I very much like portrait & macro photography, I do not restrict myself to such areas alone, especially at the early stages of exploring this vastly undefined horizon, “photography”. There are so many things that brings smile out of me…of that, an interesting/ amazing picture would top my list. I am just trying out my hand with my camera in different ways. To be frank I have used 50% of the options & practiced 25%. As time goes by & I get used to all the features then there would be a chance for me to become a professional. So till then, it’s just a mixture of instincts & experimentations.

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