Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It doesn't take one too long to realise the things that he/ she misses. For me the list is only growing non-stop, but with varying frequencies. At this point of time, place is the only reason that makes me realize it. I miss many that are in chennai!
Home food;
My Bike;
Sathyam theatre;
Mount Road;
Long sound horns at signals;
South Indian food;
Petty shops;

But I should accept the fact that time has recently started playing for me on my side. Nevertheless it does take some things away in return.

...புதிதாக என்ன செய்வது என்று யோசித்தபோது, செய்ய நினைத்தது - அடுத்த இடுகையில்!

Watchin the fall of leaves!

What can I say, the colors of leaves are changing rapidly, especially the Maple leaves...these are the most wonderful colors a painter would love to have after a hard day of mixing colors together. And guess what, everyday I walk to and fro from the office I see nature's hand playing around in getting the best colors that one cannot even imagine sometimes. It is starting to get very cold and it would not be long before nature throws those white flowers on the steet of Vancouver. In India I would have to travel to the extreme north to feel it. But here in "The Rainy City" I juz have to walk out of my apartment. Eagerly waiting for that even though transit is something that would be a challenge especially during those period.

Out on a cold night in Canada:

I dont even know where the dance clubs in chennai are located but I have heard some are in the ECR. Never had a desire to visit too. If dancing was something that I had loved like my brother maybe I would have paid a visit. Here it just happens that whoever happens to cross that busy street in the weekends, go to those dance clubs. It was an extremely cold night when we set out on my first trip to the dance club, stuffing those that I hate the most "Burger" to answer to the echos that I hear inside. The way to the particular street was lit with superb lighting. It was not bright but the entire streets surrounding was lighted based on the construction of the buildings. When I saw the people in the street with amazing costumes & so different, I forgot the the impact of the pain in my hands that I felt due to the chillness of the breeze that was sweeping the entire place. So stylish, so much natural that they all looked like they were made to order. There I was glancing at the variety of cultures taking a stroll in the busy street and was just amazing to be out there. It was like a fashion show, ramp being replaced by the streets! When my friends were quite involved in dancing for a long time, I did try out a few steps. The indoor lighting was just too good & I really felt the absence of my camera. Those are colors that I would love to capture especially when they are beams of different colors ...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Canada:

My eagerness to explore the colors & skies abroad came to a halt with my flight itenerary being confirmed. I will never forget the distant horizon that I saw in the early morning hours from the flight, something that I had wanted see for so many years. My transit was through Hong Kong & I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, even though I felt uneasy & cramped coz of the engine noise & space constraints. Business class wud b better, am sure.

Vancouver, this town is a beautiful one brushing everyone often with a cool breeze...First time am in an atmosphere filled with freshness of the least not that much smoke that checks the suspension system of our respiratory system. Way people respect rules here, amazing! can only hope to expect it to happen in our place in my lifetime... Far away river, airport, big mountains with an icing on the top have always been my wish to see list, but when that becomes possible altogether from my balcony, I guess am a bit lucky.

Happen to go to my first base ball game! it was nice to hang out with everyone, get to see people and their behaviour. Went to Stanley park, a big one along the river. Visited Canada Place, lovely view of the hills, river & distant cities. Visited Aquarum - fishes, dolphins, whale...planning to visit a rain forest & few more in the coming days...Heard there are too many good places to go around. But currently not able to travel that much due to the working hours. Sure this place is costly compared to some other towns here...but prices are OK when there is a sale, reasonably good ones. Has to pay tax and products are costly because of that reason. Food items are very costly and cooking is the best option available.

People here used to glance when I wandered around with my overcoat in summer with amazement. Even that was a bit cold for me. I am at the beginning of the winter & temperature is around 14 degrees. Its just going to get more colder dropping to zero & below...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gear Change*

Now ample time left to pen down...
As expected for some good reasons my career gear did change...and guess what there was never a day where I had relaxed since the month of Feb - mid. Wow...when I stepped out in the morning I used to have no clue when I am going to get back. Seen only sunrises and no sunsets almost all the days during that period. At no point of time did I feel the pressure and there
was not even time to think whats taking my time out, did really enjoy tat a bit. Learned a lot though. Should thank my friend Prasanna for getting me against these challenges. Exercises & workouts could not keep up with me due to the time scarcity I had (its an excuse, shud hav taken some time somehow).
If day <> Sunday
sujay = Getup early in the morning,
rush to catch my bus,
referring some official documents during the drive,
work til late night,
drop in cab,
midnight dinner,
less sleep,
Go to IT
Sujay = Long sleep,
Bike Ride

I guess the above best describes my life cycle...for some time! Most of my friends (of the few I have), would have been really pissed off, since I had no touch with them & hope when they read this, they realize it! The only time I felt irritated was when I had to stay in a mansion for nearly 3 months. Though its not new to me, sudden change of food style did bother me...

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