Thursday, March 01, 2007

First day

Day was pretty normal as usual. Have been planning to get up early in the morning for a very long time. Well it has always remained unexecuted. Another night is approaching with a hope of getting up early.

Life is not going very briskly at this moment/ period. Sort of guy I am adventure is the first and last resort. But unfortunately am into a career that does not promise much roller coaster rides.

Going around the world has been on my cards for long and I am looking forward to it before marriage.

Day went very normal at office. Actually I had plans to buy a mobile. Went for a walk in the beach and strolled into a mobile shop but was not impressed with the very few models. Am gonna take one tomorrow. Though I may not wake up early...checking into blogger daily is gonna be my routine activity hereafter as I like writing - be it about me, people around me or the world around us.

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