Monday, December 04, 2006

Likes [now this is my cooler - shot at home]

Lets start off with the favorite subject for all. Entertainment!

For me in that category, movies come first. After a days hard work/ in the weekends there is nothing that can get yourself relaxed but a good entertaining movie. I enjoy all entertaining movies, irrespective of the cast/ crew. To me acting is something that cannot be expressed to perfection by all. So I look for the frames, making & the screenplay. Over the years my taste for movies have refined itself to an extent where I have started to enjoy the close up shots capturing the expressions of the characters. I can even remember some of the shots that have been etched in my memory forever. I will list out a few afterwards.

Though cinematography is one of the key factors that I look forward in a movie, I also prefer the movies made by certain directors. When the director starts seeing things in a cinematographer's view & the cinematographer sees it from the director's view then the outcome is what we call the viewer's delight. There have been some exceptional movies made by this combination.....

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