Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Mask...

Is there a mask before all our faces...!

I hold the mask given to me, a feet away. It does not let us, to be us. I just try to be myself, always.

But it's true and my experience proves that people hardly like such characters. What's the point in faking! People always tend to forget that beneath the mask lies the treasure. Of course all treasures are found in containers with rust formed over the centuries. Well, only when people talk to me they like me, I explore myself more and that is one reason I like communicating. There have been many people who missed a chance of being part of my world, simply because they din't talk to me more. Fortunately, the more I explore myself - seems that a better side can be unearthed.

I know that I would end up having only a few around my coffin on the D-day. But I would be in my eternal sleep knowing that I have been true to my heart & those around me would know it as well.

Though the title is from the movie, this picture has nothing to do with it. It is a random self-shot that I tried out in my Canada apartment. Was tough setting it up as there wasn't any room for placing my camera. As always, its fun doing it.

NOTE: Never ever look into bright light resources, not good for eyes. I was using a low power light and din't look into it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Victory Smiles...

.....Miles - Something that always goes along with the journey
...Smiles - Those which are like the milestones in the journey of life

Ever seen how victory smiles...

These two came first and so I walked briskly to the finish line as my friend Chaitu had informed me. It is a custom to take the picture of the horse and jockey who came first along with the owner, in the race track. I have not seen anyone so closer who has just won a race. We often hear "he/ she is on top of the world...looking at him you can say "he was on top of his horse".

Now coming back to my short absence from the on vacation and now in India. Landed here on the 7th & will be here in chennai till 27th September. You can mail me at and I would be glad to speak to those, who send their contact no's. Currently I'm being fried and roasted with lot of sweat in chennai. It was supposed to be a relatively cold month & since I have chosen this time, the rain Gods have gone on a strike. I have been running around for my visa stuff & 20'C difference in temperature has taken a toll on my system.

But the few smiles that I wanted to see, makes the miles travelled priceless.

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