Sunday, August 30, 2009

Controlled Care...

Control...that is the only invisible weapon that we desire to have on everything.

Most often it goes out of our limits...but till then everyone is a king/ queen in their own backyard.

Look at the way she is controlling her horse. It's a fabulous sight to see them control it, especially when the horses get excited/afraid...infact the race horses are accompanied by a well trained horse by their side before the race, to keep their head cool. She is riding on one such horse. It requires tremendous strength and control to ride a beast...most importantly, an understanding of the beast.

Wish I could let somethings go out of my control (Rang De Basanti style). There has got to be someone for me (for everyone else too), for I can be controlled by care and not a careless attitude.

Am I a beast too...!

On a frustrated hunger note: Me & my friend were shopping around the whole day today and were quite eager to end our day with 'Goat Biriyani', the best one. We got delayed due to a cashier, who was waiting for some information on a product price. So we missed our bus and had to wait to take the next one. After sometime we reached our destination, crossing another good restaurant on the way, just to hear that no orders would be taken. So we returned back to the one we saw earlier, only to be told by them that they are also closed. 10PM under the beautiful moon, sitting opposite to the same restaurant with hunger is ok. But to stare at the glowing lights & the running letters on the bill board that says "You can eat all for $9.99. Chicken Kebab, Mutton biriyani, Hot Naan, Tandoori chicken, Samosa, Vegetable pulao, Goat Biriyani, Aloo pakoda..." is deeply, seriously frustrating [Try it].

What not and you would not want to know what words were running in my mind...letters were still running outside the closed shutters of the restaurant, as we boarded our bus.

I almost lost my control...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Marks of a Guitarist #

Nothing soothes my mind like the sound from a flute (mostly metallic) or the strumming of strings from a guitar/ violin.

While my idle times are spent clicking the shutter buttons of my camera, there are times when I occasionally glance at the marks of the guitar strings in my fingers. I was keen to learn playing at least an instrument, for I always thought it was like a meditation. Unfortunately my guitar stints didn’t last for long and ended up picking up a camera. But I do have a friend Gideon, who is a wonderful guitarist and a singer.

'Rock on' is one of my latest favorites. Farhan Akthar simply rocks. In fact I didn’t know that it was him initially. I often keep humming that "Na na...nah nah...nah - Na na...nah nah...". Watch the movie if you have not, for it will give you a feel as if you have got something that you longed for - especially if you had aspired to be a musician!

Excellent portrayal of the desire to do what one wants from heart, even after years. Of course for that you need a spouse who dreams for you and is very passionate about you. If that happens, you would be the luckiest person.

NOTE: Girls...sorry about the awards that have disappeared. It's one of those experiments with the new looks for my blog as well. If nothing works out, will get them back where they were.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beauty & The Beast

Beauty or Beast - Both react to care. It was a pleasing sight to see her take the horse around for a walk. Their movement was like dancing to a song that they only heard. Both moving with a touch of elegance and this is possible only when you bond with someone you like very much.

I have felt it with my pet Nemo [Pomeranian breed]. We used to rock our street, am missing him a lot. It’s not possible for me to get a horse now, but definitely looking forward to have a Labrador .

When I see the look in their eyes, sometimes I wonder what is it that people have in their mind that doesn’t let them speak, say what they want. Beasts are helpless, are we less in hope!

Well I guess it’s just the individual who has to know what he/ she want and decides what the heart says. Care is of utmost importance to me probably because I think too much out of my heart rather than my brain. But then in this ever changing world, change is not a constant.

How about changing for a change…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fortune Teller...

How many of those end up clicking the one who bought them a fortune for the first time in life...!

Well I am one among the lot! It was hard to digest for me when I saw the two horses whom I bet on for the very first time, took the first two places...and I was still walking from the place from where I had clicked him when they finished. It was an amazing feeling. For some reason a thought did strike me - my fellow humans, whom I (we) count on let me (us) down many times.

But still I wonder, how can we call - A combination of strength of the marvellous beasts together with the smart & hard working jockeys - FORTUNE! Believe me, you would not be happy to have the diet of a jockey, it really sucks. And they sacrifice so many things just to be on top of their fitness & be light, so that their horse can accelerate quicker. "Sea Biscuit" impressed me immensely and I have been a fan of both the beast and its master since then.

NOTE: If I am asked for one of those snaps that am really satisfied of, it would be Run For It... . It does'nt look that hard but you have only split seconds to get the frame you want [though a bit of fortune is required]. You cannot feel it unless you try. If you have not seen the movie, see it - for it's full of amazing spirit, bond, trust, picturization & strength.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Run For It...

Race is on...and everyone has to run - Win or Lose.

To go to a race has been a desire for many years. When my friend Chitanya invited me to the race I can only accept it as last time could not join him. But then this week has been the worst for me and I required such a break. Infact I had thought of posting a self-portrait, which I had taken a week back. But then I did not want to bore everyone with my pictures.

This picture is one more of those attempts to capture those real moments. It was good to go out on a bright & sunny day and win few dollars (never mind about the loss).

I could read their eyes...some more snaps to come: the horse which won for me, close-ups, Stroll, etc., I admire these beasts for their strength, stamina and determination.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Intriguing Interrogatives ?

What you read is not just for me, it would rather be a small sub-class of the bigger lot...of my co-existing homosapiens. So...

Sometimes I think why can't...

I keep walking till my thoughts are exhausted?
I laugh so much that I don't have to laugh again?
I live my life full so that I don't have to be born again?
I fly so that the birds envy me?
I write so much that I hate writing?
I photograph so much that I completely loose interest in it?
I listen to the music for so long that I hate any sound after?
I work so hard that I don't have to do it again forever?
I be happy so much that anything would hesitate to disturb me?

Many times thoughts that often pops-up in mind...

What am I doing here?
What do I want?
How about travelling around the world non-stop?
Why that f****** luck never touches me?
Why don't I get the one's that I deserve?
Why do I exist simply when there is something else that I am passionate about?
Why am I always separated or away from the people I like?
Why do I always get pain more than love?


Searching for something that may not even exist...
Family first...
Trying not to hurt anyone...
Trying to help people around me...
For the ones who care for me a lot...
Thinking, could there be someone who can miss me so much...

Be it a blessing or disguise...I never try to find an answer for all of these. It's one at a time, always.

This self-portrait is especially for Neny who dedicated one to me...It's from my Vintage collection - have a special place for vintage, which I am fond of. Though I had thought of another image, felt this might seem more appropriate for the post. Anyways, that would be coming as the next.

And also I happened to come across a forward through an email and these are what it said about me after a few questions:

"You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have and never want to loose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey it's funny and calm for the most part."

I guess its almost right, strangely. But all the above said bits and pieces of sometimes/ manytimes/ always is what that makes it funny. Seriously I am not sure what can one do once all the desires and likes are fulfilled. And of course it can only be a distant theory...

NOTE: This image might show me like an alien and bit different [due to shadows], probably because of the only light source suspended above, which I am dependent on. After all I get bored looking at my same face...Only constraint that I have here in my apartment is the light source [flexiblity that is very essential for photography]. But I have got used to it and like the challenge to use the one that is available.

...pheew, it is a big post, hope it helped in whiling away some time!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

It's My World!

It was not long ago that I was the only reader of my blog. It was just me and my blog - a very small world. I think I was more like a lazy traveller who just wanted to see things from his perspective and enjoy it. One fine day it changed and I started travelling through the blogs, the best thing that could have happened to me. That's how some of you know me. Still I am not a frequent blogger, but lots of years is left for me and hope to reach as many as possible.

While everyone is sending wishes for a friendship day, I thought of saying this...

This picture is special because I had taken this picture, with an intention to make it look like a greeting card (well almost!). I am not quite sure how much you all like it ( I really was wondering what text color to choose from, gosh! how tough it would be for the web designers). But since this was my first attempt in doing so, in a way it is special. Am glad to share it with each of those who come across this.

Everyday is a new day and an opening card to get to know someone...blogging is a great way to do that. I do not know how long I would do it actively, but till then the people, their writing and their life's I would come across would definitely be as exciting as a journey for a treasure hunt.

We never know, how valuable it could be, like...
Some known faces...
Many unknown...
Thoughts that do not have faces...
Expressions that travel far...
Excitement that lits up the blog arena..

...again, am glad that you are in my world...and anyone who passes by also, have a great time.

NOTE: Just for all our nature conservationists concern - This was shot in it's natural habitat, no plucking - no touching. I usually don't disturb them.

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