Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bee-in(g) Pink!

There is a guy based out of the US, who was an amateur photographer (1 year back). And some of his snaps can only leave us mesmerized. I had expressed my anguish that I don't get to be in such ambience most of the times.

This is what he said "I suggest looking close by and using macro to find interest in the seemingly mundane. Many times I've seen an unusual treatment of a common object and wished I had thought to use the same technique. Creativity is a process learned more than an inborn trait".

These words cannot be forgotten, isn't it?

Framed Forever[ ]

While I do like the macro shots, one does'nt have to own a macro lens for that. There is a great amount of detail involved that has to be looked into, if you are going for one. But then that makes it equally interesting. I know these are not the best, but not bad for a non-macro lens...

...Our subject was quite busy flyin around, mayb I need to fix up a time 4 a shoot!

But an interesting frame of the flower popped up in my mind now. I would definitely take it, the next time I go out. Most of the times when I go out, I don't have specific things in my mind that I would capture. But the few instances when I look for a something, makes it very exciting & enjoyable.

NOTE: This is a cropped part of the previous post...

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gift of Life...

I have been here before when it was snowing - everything in white, always wanted to see a old fashioned church while it was snowing, in a distance - Union...

But when the flowers are blooming and days are longer, its even better. Shot from the other side...same place and angle from where it was taken, me - checking the output...

We come across so many unclear things in our life, lyk the blurred church in the back drop. After all, life only becomes interesting with these kinda things! n there are still some answers that I have been seeking for years...many of us too! does throw a basket full of surprises, never mind how long it stays with us for a life time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 much Red*

I lyk Red too, on others...
On me: today or tomorrow - black with yellow, forever would be my choice.

Frankly nothing great about this shot, not so much to my liking. I really get bored if I don't come across something that really interests me.

but...can dedicate this to all those who like red!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Strings...ven flying!

Launching himself...Byresh wanted a frame in the air...and I thought it would be good to have a low angle shot. Had set the shutter & aperture settings manually to get the color mix...

I was also keen to get my favorite sky blue & cover da maple tree color. Waz glad when I saw this video next day , as it almost had that trace [my latest favorite song "siragugal vandathu" from movie SARVAM ]- Would love to be in such a place...sometimes it is hard to describe how you feel on seeing such visuals...but can only be felt.

Have had a liking for animation always, best way to get into my dream world of visuals...da video 4 some reason reminds me of Aladdin's land with the silhouttee effect, wit sun setting...!

Fading Light...

One of da amazing feelings is to know that we are lyked by someone.

But da worst thing in life is to wake up every morning for many days/ years knowing that the same one just does'nt lyk us, but hates us too for something we cannot be blamed. It could be a family or friend. Trust me, I know itz da worst feeling.

So anyone who lyks or being lyked by someone, cherish every moment.

Thought will see some Tulips, but ended up seeing other varieties. Shot when the light was fading in the evening...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden of Peace...

NOW - sort of a place that I would walk right into, when I want to be's very close by to me. Fresh air, cool breeze, my favorite muzik...awesome combo!

FEW YEARS BACK - used to travel 3 hrs, to reach my uncle's place from my native, during the college days. My destination used to be a village 2 hrs from the town. Morning a bus takes you in & you can leave only late in the evening by the same bus. Still, used to like the travel. where cobra's cross you atleast once in a day and field snakes take sunbathe on the field side rocks. Small canals, green fields, river, people with the most kindest hearts, school kids with infinite affection, of course tasty fishes, roasted ducks, wine to dine...gone are the days.

But if am in chennai, there were two things that could wake me up early. My cute pomo 'Nemo' & the visuals of a sunrise at the elliots - my favorite place - எல்லாம் நேரம்:

These sort of likings keeps my innate nature intact, till date...n I hope it would last too!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nature's Mehendi!

After a long time, went out for a shoot.

These series of few snaps, that I would post were taken with Nikon D60, Byresh's camera. Am yet to decide, which one to buy for me. Meanwhile experimenting with shutter & aperture settings...

...I guess Nature knows/ has it's own formulae for making Mehendi!

NOTE: Mehendi (also Mehandi, Mehndi, etc.) is the application of Henna as a temporary form of skin decoration. In the West they are sometimes called henna tattoos.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Split Illumination...

I do prefer shooting dark with black in contrast...but when the sun was shining bright 2 days back on a trip and when I had a fancy roof above me, am not gonna take a walk away without few shots...low angle gets things above you in perspective...

These were shot with a normal Canon power shot digital camera not my SLR. As soon as I saw this place in a shopping complex, I knew camera does'nt matter. So if you have time, don't let the opportunity go, I aint luk gud but if you have a nice dark costume and a cooler, give it a should do all depends how u wanna hav the sunlight on you!

I knew what exactly I wanted, so had told my friend the angle & frame I wanted and positioned myself to the light, the way I expected leaving the zoom to him.
N.J., I know you love roofs lyk me...give it a try next time!

Rumbling in dark...

…while I oscillate between the decisions to either go for a QC3 Bose headphone or a Nikon D5000 or a Canon with 70 – 200mm lens.

One from my old collection…this may not be the best of the if anyone is curious to see it close, better not!

It was my first attempt at experimenting with ISO settings and exposures, year back. I like the way it came out. Even though there is lot of noise in the image, there is something that keeps me staring into it whenever I open it. May be that’s coz I lyk rough finishes starting from my shoes, bike, helmet to anything. Uneasy with glossy things…I guess!

I realize that I had stopped experimenting & exploring then…now that I have not been doing anything recently, but only reading blogs & watching movies, probably I can venture into the untouched part of photography and experiment more.

This picture was taken at time of dusk when the fading sunlight was falling on these plastic flowers [Which Mom made].

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Suspensions from the sky...

I wouldn't mind if my office cubicle is shifted right here!

Am always intrigued by the angles and views from this perspective...well, so many buildings out there with fantastic architecture...

...especially down here in Vancouver, lots of movies have been shot.


Why would anyone want to neglect me! it's been few years n it simply leaves me wondering, is it that hard to communicate, but all comes without a surprise to an extrovert, who believes that his once very small world, that was too narrow to think of globalization is boundaryless now...!

But now am in the most happening & one of da the most beautiful places in the world. Even then, any act of care is sufficient for one to come into my world. Of course I cannot force a smile on a face…unless mine looks funny to them!

Am not philosophical, or trying to be. These things in my blog are that I have seen so far in my journey & hope the good and da best is yet to come 4 me. Bring more smiley’s around before my departure… mean da eternal one

Try caring 4 others, you will feel da difference…

n by da way my dentist n his receptionist cared for me so much that they gave me a bill for $1000...n left my molars aching...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blue Vs Green

Its true that I prefer to capture sky blue, but if an option is provided between blue and green, I'll take green. There are so many places in India that I have heard about. For someone who had hardly travelled outside his state, cant be too many destinations.

One place that always comes fresh is Kumali. We had stopped on the way to Kerala during my college trip. What a place, it's still fresh in my memories & I felt it like heaven. Unbelievable is what I should say. Fresh air, mist everywhere, surrounding hills, green coconut trees along the hill slopes, traditional sarees & dhotis...Wow... a place to revisit, definitely.

And I went back to Kerala, trivandrum - kazhakootam, after few years...greenery, the backwaters and the freshness...irresistible. My friends who work there dint have time to take me out...I should make sure that I take a tour package next time! But I sure enjoyed the bike rides when I used to drop them in their office and heading back fast between the green hills and the silent waters.

I had thought of having my own cottage somewhere up in the hills, facing the horizon, among the mist where only the wind that whizzes between the trees can be heard. Lyk da one in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Yup Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor 2...Awesome place it wud be yeah...!

I really don't know how good I'll fare with my camera but it would be definitely a place that would make me forget myself. Have been to many places here, but the same feeling is missing...

...and even now ven I see nice places, get a visual of the moment I landed in Kumali!
...n dese places luk silly...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Inside out!

A close friend of mine was surprised & asked me whether am seeing someone, after reading the recent posts! Because he knew that I am not gonna fall in that. ha ha...I laughed, told him I have grown too old for it & we both know it.

But I hate people who annoy me, especially those who judge me without talking to me. Likes are important to keep one in spirits; doesnt have to be the so called 'L***'. Maybe one has to talk to me to know more about me...till then a-dieus!

I strongly believe time is a medicine that can take-off the intensity of anything that is at the corner of our memories, be it hatred, friendship, ego, etc., As humans, I think we are supposed to carry it with us for a while. But everything fades away. The best thing I give to people who care 4 me is to have them in my memories. The other side of it would be to flush them outta my memories...

For the picture, I was planning to have a session with someone. But then din't wanna trouble my friends & since no one was at the apartment, I decided to take it myself. So I had 12 seconds to set the self - timer n myself up with whatever expression I had. Took a few samples which would definitely help me sometime when friends want their pictures to be taken. Another dim source wasnt ava, else cud have taken off da shadow under my eyes...2AM in the night is not bad after all to try few shots!

...n ya, da profile pic was taken among da few sample shots!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Nature's Portrait

For some reasons, my little upsets also make me take my camera & photography is what that pops up in my mind! this was taken today in one such occassion & so am sure its gonna end only wit my grave...

This is da first thing I see in the morning, I have attempted to bring you right here to my Apartment Balcony in Canada. The way you are seeing now is how I see it too...

But tel you what, inspite of al dese ambience n lovely weather with fresh air, stil miss Chennai! of course India...

...yeah, I really do and I cant wait to be back...there may not b any1 special expecting me, but stil feel outta place here...

NOTE: Shortly after this snap was taken, heard a lady cry and saw fire fighters running to the left...without saying I went running down the stairs and across the road & my friends were puzzled and followed me. Seems that the lady's Kid while playing in the park [thats 50 feet to the left] fell down and fainted. Within 5 minutes, the paramedics arrived & heard that the kid was doing fine, before I left the place.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

What do I Like - My Echo's

It is certainly not fair to think that someone who hardly knows me, would know the impact of the words uttered. It could have been juz for fun, whiling away time or routine activity. It might have been my misinterpretation as well.

But to me, it has been positive altering my thoughts and life style for the past few days. It has been few years since someone has done that to me. What is it that makes me like someone...while it is an answer that would only be answered by time, I think of the echos that I hear deep within me, my likes...

n of course da one tat sticks to me always - Olympus E500...
anythin outta Flute [esp metallic],
'Trying' to be fit,
Win after a struggle,
Care after a wait,
Tear outta joy [havnt exp yet, only seen],
Smiles that can make me fall,
Simplicity that is so subtle,
My little darling Niece - Shana [all babies],
Playing Tennis,
People watching,
Hot Shower,
Chicken roast,
Crab Masala...

...list is gonna grow

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