Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Italian Connection...

I am very fond of mirrors and whenever I pass one, I admire them. Not because they show how we change physically...for me the inner transformation is also equally important. Can see only my remains in the mirror now - changed for the good...how much? a lllottt...

Light on the left is natural from the setting sun and the one from the right is the tube light above. I knew the image has to be something different to remember it for a while. So were looking for multiple reflections out of it. One among the toughest, I had attempted as a starter!

This mirror is an Italian make. It showed me how I had changed over few years. Here I have seen bigger, better mirrors with intricate design. But I miss the one that shared the room with me within the four walls, especially for couple of years. It was a time that I had opted for a career switch and I would definitely not say that those were the toughest times. The period was crucial, for it did prove to me the theory of relativity - slowed up every possible moment for me. But I deeply admire people who achieve things, when situations are worser than this. Personally I know some too. Ironically can't help but smile when looking at people who take things for granted with so much luxuries at their disposal.

Photography, writing and blogging were the one's that kept me going during that period. Was more like a meditation to me as I had no other options. I have seen and had enough, now I am left with nothing but lots of affection and care to show to someone special...[don't know yet]

On a lighter note: I liked the movie Rab Ne Banade Jodi...was a good movie to me. I was able to relate to it because I can't forget the way I used to go around a decade back, like the Shah Rukh with shirts tucked in with spectacles - utter formals. No one would recognize me if I go now [some of my school friends ask me who I am]. That's what time does...transforms people like me, forever!

Your mirror would have a story for you as well...hear it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rendevouz with...

This is not the rendevouz with Simi Garewal...

A very ordinary snap...but does'nt it seem like the flower itself is being interviewed...well it's upto the observer. And this is the interesting perpective that I wanted to captivate which I had mentioned in a post sometime back Framed Forever[ ] . I like that show too, though I don't get to see it often. Such interviews really helps get to know people - the taste of the celebrities & their life style.

Apart from being a nature enthusiast, I like observing people too - especially when there are lots of cultural differences. Adaptability is one of my strengths and I enjoy, being in such ambience.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Future - Right Ahead!

There is something that always makes me curious and delighted...kids.

It is not just few times, but almost all the times. More often than not I get into eye contact with the kids, it just happens. I have observed that till I go out of their sight they watch me, sometimes even from their stroller. Of course, I do turn back to say them a bye. Obviously, I like such moments...

And I do not prefer to take pictures of peope just like that. I had walked past 30 feet and had to zoom the telephoto lens to its maximum. This kid kept looking at me from the point he saw me. You can't expect me to walk away simply, when I am possessed.

He must have thought...there lies ahead my future and my planet spoiled by these overgrown brats...

I happen to be around all the kids, but still away from my Shana...I had taken couple of close up pictures, when she was 6 months ( my brother flew in from the UK to show her to us and went back) and had it framed in the hall. And my parents were saying when she returned home after a year, she used to point at it and say in her language "adhu naan" - meaning "that's me". My brother is not keen to get it on the web, so can't publish it. But tell you what, those are among the cutest pictures one can see...and the way she was smiling at me, is fresh in my memories.

I found her the name : in Hebrew it means 'Beautiful' - she is and definitely is a darling to me.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Irreplacables...so close yet so far!

One more of my perspectives, we all have our own...you can let me know your perspectives on this. It's all in the frame.

Sometime back read in Chinmayee's page - where she mentions about those who do not perform a spell check, before posting. Well, mine is almost like that. I plan to drive off my laziness and type complete words rather than the shorter one's.

My likes are my perspectives. And I feel that is applicable to most of us. The stare at a distance says it all.

In other words, the first instinct is to perceive things/ life the way you want it to be. Like a vanilla cake decorated with chocolate cream and flakes - don't have to say about the aroma. But you can neither eat it full nor stop with just tasting the cream.

Too often I see people lost in thoughts, sometimes in mirror too. The irreplaceable vacancies are the ones that helps in realizing the importance of things in life, at some point of time. There are only a few who cherish it; most of us miss the first one [so many things: abstract or vice versa - life has got a bigger picture]. Blame it on time or an individuals taste or destiny.

If loneliness is the only resort in this planet everyone would own an island.

Today: If anyone is keen to know how it feels while am working on my abs or those who are curious to start: Imagine trying to get up - while being stuck on a sticky surface; with air pumps blowing mildly into both the ears; someone is pulling your neck back with a noose around your neck; with a hot coin kept on the chest...not to forget, someone trying to suffocate you by altering the breathing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Contradictions...

Self shot - with timer of 12 seconds...one more of those dayz ven I wanted to while away with the time. Cudnt think of anything better to suit the title, picture and content. Dont be worried "The Dark Age" is still not near. Juz that my desire to experiment with dark shades hasnt subsided yet. After all what can I do - If I don't have anyone to pose for me with shirts off, but to click myself! Of course being sure that Aamir wud never come to know of my blog...

For some reason I feel its really hard to read long posts, but these wud b lyk a note in the years to come for me. Especially when someone lyk me who is not so keen doing a self-analysis...If you are ready to challenge your patience, proceed to read.

...lyk to live simple in my own style, but stil fancy my chances of being in da fashion industry [as a photographer]
...lyk to be composed, but stil desperate for adventure
...Keen to be among da best places - nature has, but lazy to travel
...dont dream much for am too practical, but stil wish I have few super powers
...hate me n hate is wat one will get, but stil lyk Christ's preachings
...am strictly against non-violence, but stil lyk Gandhi
...am not addicted to anything, is it an addiction too!
...hate my spontaneity sometimes, but stil enjoy to see others being so
...can be a perfectionist, but most of da times I hardly try to
...some can forgive lyk me, but none can be as unforgiving as me [rarely n it depends]
...crazy about writing, but stil write very less
...word 'love' sounds alien to me, but I treasure care
...get fascinated by da rich colors, but stil fall for Black & white
...hate darkness, but not when I have a camera
...Did lotta sketching, but I dont even rem ven was da last time I sketched
...can be heard louder in a crowd, but I stick to my silence
...wudnt care about destiny too much, but for only one thing

This was taken when I wasn't working out. Probably would get some better one's after a month, since it has become a part of my daily schedule lately.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Collated emoticons!

One sentence that I often quote is "Life throws a bunch of surprises". It all results in, well a mixture of emotions, I say - Collated emoticons!

We all have our own collection isn't it?

It's a pleasure to watch both kids & flowers grow, from close by. Both are full of energy and can make one smile, feel fresh, light & make our day brighter. Now I miss my little darling Niece - Shana very much and can't wait to get back to chennai! Whatever, I still remember the smiles (which I had forgot) she brought of me when I held her in my hands one year back. But for now its juz diff varieties of flowers around Richmond to stare at.

If you were wondering what's so special about this shot...it was among my first few shots from the first day of my stint with my new camera in chennai, 2 yrs back...n am stil a beginner! I wanted to use it on something and walked down my apartment to the front yard with these flowers...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

How to Name It!

... not the best one, happened to click while out for a shopping.
As said,

Is white for peace!
Wonder who started relating da colors to the abstract emotions...but v follow.
Personally am fond of white and I prefer to keep a shirt & T-shirt of milky white in my wardrobe...

To me, innocence is the first thing that comes to my mind, wherever I see it. I have met/ known few nice people who have alwayz been successful in influencing me, to be a better human. At the end of the day, I would like to close my eyes knowing that I have been, what I wanted to be. Next day does not matter to me.

What will happen without White...well, still willing to while away with whole lot of other colors!

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