Friday, December 21, 2007

Life...thirsty values

It was a long time since I with our office colleagues went to the beach to was nice to play on the sand running & fallin around. We all took a break after couple of hours.

I happened to get into a conversation with an ice cream vendor selling some Brand's products.
He should have been in his teens & had come from one of those little villages in our vast country.

I asked him what he wants to/ aspires to become, thinking of the answers he would give!

He dint say the names of any of the business tycoons, name his role models...inface he was not even aware of the names I told him....and I realised how unrealistic my thoughts have become that I am not able to relate to all the situations of another person.

He said "I want to study".

It really shook me hard. I felt his heart saying "Common dude, do you know whom you are talking to, am neither a pass out from a college with a degree nor a bunch of asset juz one of those who continues to earn my bread skipping my passion for study...He also said Gone is gone no use of talking about it now and stared at the vast sea occassionally looking back to see if anyone is approaching to buy....

There I was standing at the beach at 11 A.M. with all those hard earned marks, degree, current one had to hit me hard with a hammer....those words were enough...

I have been aware of all this since I have been an active member of a welfare organisation. But then these kind of realistic discussions makes us aware of the hardships that are faced by those not so lucky human beings. I wanted to do some justice, gave him hope that hard work always pays n he can study anytime. I always talk to these kind of people, crack some joke, make them laugh for a while...will definitely do something for such people's ambitions in the future when I have enough of that often referred to by some as "most important thing in life".......MONEY

But I will continue to shop clothes & gadgets as I have always been doing....but with a conscience that would remind me....of the place where I am & my fellow human beings.....


Mitr - Friend said...

Hmmm.... Very high shutterspeed and small aperture size....???

Sowmi said...

Beautiful droplet :) How u are able to capture this??? I love such pics :)

Sujay said...

adjusting the tap, helps to get desired droplet shapes...can take better ones now.

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