Thursday, January 08, 2009

Glitter in the water:

Underwater shooting has always been exciting, even by watching in NGC & Discovery. I had thought that to afford for an underwater camera would cost me a huge fortune. Well now Olympus stylus 850W proved it false as it comes at an affordable cost, built for underwater shooting, rugged one to bear short falls. Now looking forward to take some underwater shots...!

Hmmm...coming back to our little shark's glitter, I had taken this with my olympus few months back. The challenges that I had faced were avoid the reflection on aquarium walls wait for the proper turn of our little one's get it auto focussed on the shark, across the walls
...shifting focus off the moving dirt particles


Cynthia said...

Fantastic one.both the picture and the notes.

Sowmi said...

Worth your effort.. BEAUTIFUL and FANTABULOUS :) they are glittering :)

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