Friday, March 27, 2009

Seductive Invention...

Thomas Edison's improvizations upon a 50-year-old idea brought out a reliable, long-lasting source of light - incandescent electric light.

One need not wonder, what could have been his expectations after that. It is certain that he would have predicted that he has opened the flood doors to the galaxy of artificial illumination. My favorites are always chandeliers, though a vintage lamp would make me curious. Nevertheless modern day lights with calm & good surroundings does tempt me to play around with different camera settings, especially exposure.

With the daylight turning its back and bright lights sleeping, night lamps/ chandeliers bind a spell that can only be realised truly by a light enthusiast.

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Sowmi said...

I love Chandeliers... I've designed my own dream house.. I'll tell about that to you later.. but this pic is fabulous...

Hail Thomas Alva Edison for bringing light to the world :)

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