Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden of Peace...

NOW - sort of a place that I would walk right into, when I want to be's very close by to me. Fresh air, cool breeze, my favorite muzik...awesome combo!

FEW YEARS BACK - used to travel 3 hrs, to reach my uncle's place from my native, during the college days. My destination used to be a village 2 hrs from the town. Morning a bus takes you in & you can leave only late in the evening by the same bus. Still, used to like the travel. where cobra's cross you atleast once in a day and field snakes take sunbathe on the field side rocks. Small canals, green fields, river, people with the most kindest hearts, school kids with infinite affection, of course tasty fishes, roasted ducks, wine to dine...gone are the days.

But if am in chennai, there were two things that could wake me up early. My cute pomo 'Nemo' & the visuals of a sunrise at the elliots - my favorite place - எல்லாம் நேரம்:

These sort of likings keeps my innate nature intact, till date...n I hope it would last too!


Cynthia said...

Great place nature lover!looking divine!

Sowmi said...

Eden Shall I say??

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