Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rumbling in dark...

…while I oscillate between the decisions to either go for a QC3 Bose headphone or a Nikon D5000 or a Canon with 70 – 200mm lens.

One from my old collection…this may not be the best of the outputs...so if anyone is curious to see it close, better not!

It was my first attempt at experimenting with ISO settings and exposures, year back. I like the way it came out. Even though there is lot of noise in the image, there is something that keeps me staring into it whenever I open it. May be that’s coz I lyk rough finishes starting from my shoes, bike, helmet to anything. Uneasy with glossy things…I guess!

I realize that I had stopped experimenting & exploring then…now that I have not been doing anything recently, but only reading blogs & watching movies, probably I can venture into the untouched part of photography and experiment more.

This picture was taken at time of dusk when the fading sunlight was falling on these plastic flowers [Which Mom made].

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Anonymous said...

nice one ! - Jean

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