Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Silence that utters...

Silence of a flower...I felt like, it wanted to convey something, but din't! God only knows what it wanted to say.

Remembered reading a research article that plants respond to our emotions and intents. Google for "plants respond to our emotions "...very interesting & big article.

...Lykd da back ground in this, as it luks more lyk a watercolor painting.

Did someone ask me, what the poets in ancient times referred the flowers to...!


Cynthia said...

lovely colour..and yes..i have read some articles..and i have seen people talking to plants like their own children,and no words to express their joy when a flower blooms with vibrant if they have given birth to a small baby.At the end of the day,its the "soul" that connects them.

Sowmi said...

Beautiful and *silence* :)

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