Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Unpredictables...

...we get smiles only, when we come across someone who thinks just like us. Some walk away, some stay...but anyways life has to move on isn't it?

People make their own choices (me too)...often unpredictable.

This snap was a bit hard to capture, since the lens used were not for close up shots. I was flat on the grass, making sure that I don't miss my yellow! fading light makes it also harder to get a focus on; holding the camera lying flat with head tilted up is quite an yoga itself!

...I prefer to take such shots rather than the normal angles...n these are nothin compared to the sufferings the wild life photographers go through to take some of the shots. Sometimes involves clinging between the branches, standing in water for hours, exposted to cold weather, bugbites...all for that single perfect shot! That's where I want to be...someday.

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Sowmi said...

You'll be there soon and all the best for your captivating future :)

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