Thursday, July 23, 2009

Future - Right Ahead!

There is something that always makes me curious and

It is not just few times, but almost all the times. More often than not I get into eye contact with the kids, it just happens. I have observed that till I go out of their sight they watch me, sometimes even from their stroller. Of course, I do turn back to say them a bye. Obviously, I like such moments...

And I do not prefer to take pictures of peope just like that. I had walked past 30 feet and had to zoom the telephoto lens to its maximum. This kid kept looking at me from the point he saw me. You can't expect me to walk away simply, when I am possessed.

He must have thought...there lies ahead my future and my planet spoiled by these overgrown brats...

I happen to be around all the kids, but still away from my Shana...I had taken couple of close up pictures, when she was 6 months ( my brother flew in from the UK to show her to us and went back) and had it framed in the hall. And my parents were saying when she returned home after a year, she used to point at it and say in her language "adhu naan" - meaning "that's me". My brother is not keen to get it on the web, so can't publish it. But tell you what, those are among the cutest pictures one can see...and the way she was smiling at me, is fresh in my memories.

I found her the name : in Hebrew it means 'Beautiful' - she is and definitely is a darling to me.


Sowmi said...

Kids are always sweetest little beings :) and Shana - beautifull?? Sooper :) God Bless Shana, the little angel :) Pic is just awesome and the kid is looking so sweet :D

lakshmi said...

kids are simply beautiful and when they smile at just lets you feel unmeasurable happiness.
their innocence so loving.
you are lucky Sujay

N.J. LiQuiD rEaMs.. said...

I'm very glad to see how your blog is growing up ;) and your pics are getting even better.. thanks for still remembering my place. you were also the first who tried to read it even not understanding a word hehe. My care and regards to you; and of course I'll keep an eye on you I don wanna miss a pic!

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