Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trying out a Tripod...

My intention in this self-portrait, was to make it look like a snipers had to wear this costume.
Am glad some people did think that it was a rifle. For those in photography, would recognise this instantly.

It's my tripod (to mount the camera). Its just that I have carried on the childs habit of shaping up things to its desire. When I bought this old tripod last month, I wanted to make it look like one. But since I travelled I could not. So I captured this 45 days after I fancied of coming up with this.

If you ask me what's special about this - I would say that am holding the tripod almost exactly parallel, even though its my left hand.

Don't let me know, if you were laughing at this. But my crush on the Snipers rifle would exist forever.


Meow said...

I wanted to let you know that I was laughing in the office reading about your cursh for
"sniper rifle" :P Sooooooooooper pic :) love it :)

N.J. LiQuiD rEaMs.. said...

you have to admit that this is funny XD dont give up on your crush hehe

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