Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Illusionist...

He has waited all these years with the least hope of coming across the one, who still remains a mystery to him.

The shores of of Kerala would remain in his memories for two reasons. One is the ever smiling nature and the other for the moments, that would never come back. It has been a decade and the scenes are still fresh. It is indeed true that some smiles/ glance hardly last for few seconds but last for a lifetime.

It is a great surprise for someone who had believed that few things are possible only in movies, till that happened to him. It was only once he heard her voice and the echoes have not faded away yet. Strange that he landed on the social networking sites and even blogged...thinking that there could be a chance he could stumble upon her, just with a name. Interestingly it only lead to further more mysteries. It is a fact that he is fascinated by the illusions, but certainly not of these kind. While he likes the technology that has been growing rapidly, he hates it for happening a little too late.

Certainly this would not make a difference now. It is hard to describe a feeling which does not have a definition yet, may be simply because knowing a name and face does not disqualify the person under the 'Stranger' category. Does it? And it seems very likely that the face would fade off his memories too.

Whatever...he may capture lively moments, create illusions and captivate the perspectives he favours the most. But certainly he does not savour the reality that he could not capture the stranger who photographed him a decade back.

Destiny!...he would definitely believe in it if he meets her to 'thank' before the end of his journey, for she has been always in the corner of his mind with each of his creations...


Bhushavali said...

Who took this shot!!! Don't tell me you met him and took this shot!!! Awesome yaar!!!

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Meow said...

Amazing pic this one... who who who clicked this?????

Cruz said...

My friend, a cinematographer...this was taken with a mobile.

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