Wednesday, November 29, 2006

About me!

I am sort of a straight forward guy. Some like me & some do not, for that reason! That's obvious and I dont feel for it. Because when I talk with others, I am myself. And being so, they will get the answer through my expressions. Because I am not the kind who talks through the mind but through the heart. But still I am not the type who keeps saying friends are the world, they are everything & friendship is the best.

As the great Chanakya quoted "There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no Friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth."

But I do respect the human values and relationships. Friendship is also something which brings people together. I am/ will be there for my friends when they need me, to comfort them & to try & sort out issues if they have any.
As I said earlier, for a guy like me its hard to get a friend. I remember my roommate telling me " Sujay, for the type you are if you have well wishers & friends then they are very honest & close to you". I know I might have hurt so many nice people, but still I feel I have been honest when saying/ expressing.

So I would say that I have got real good people who have understood me.


Mitr - Friend said...

What is shot in this pic.???

Sujay said...

5nally someone did get curious...Bhusha (is it k to cal lyk dis), its the smoke from the incense stick (capsule shaped) & that is a torch light...taken in the first weeks of buying my camera, inside my room.

Mitr - Friend said...

This is awesome... I tell you, its a very creative shot... It reminded me of something like hot iron, copper melting in a workshop kinda shot... Its a great shot... (And its k to call me like that..)

Sowmi said...

Great Shot Sujay... Lovely and Today I wanted to spend my b'day by doing what I like. I love all your pics and am going through all your pics and that would make ma day fulfilled one :)

Sujay said...

oh...well! by the end u wud hav covered al my boring dez...hop ur de wasnt wasted!

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