Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gear Change*

Now ample time left to pen down...
As expected for some good reasons my career gear did change...and guess what there was never a day where I had relaxed since the month of Feb - mid. Wow...when I stepped out in the morning I used to have no clue when I am going to get back. Seen only sunrises and no sunsets almost all the days during that period. At no point of time did I feel the pressure and there
was not even time to think whats taking my time out, did really enjoy tat a bit. Learned a lot though. Should thank my friend Prasanna for getting me against these challenges. Exercises & workouts could not keep up with me due to the time scarcity I had (its an excuse, shud hav taken some time somehow).
If day <> Sunday
sujay = Getup early in the morning,
rush to catch my bus,
referring some official documents during the drive,
work til late night,
drop in cab,
midnight dinner,
less sleep,
Go to IT
Sujay = Long sleep,
Bike Ride

I guess the above best describes my life cycle...for some time! Most of my friends (of the few I have), would have been really pissed off, since I had no touch with them & hope when they read this, they realize it! The only time I felt irritated was when I had to stay in a mansion for nearly 3 months. Though its not new to me, sudden change of food style did bother me...


Sowmi said...

Clicked while you were travelling in your Cab???

I liked the else part..
Long sleep, photography, walking and bike ride...

I am pretty much like you except for the bike riding part cuz I don't know to drive a two-wheeler. I know only to drive car :(

Sujay said...

hmm...itz in Canada, in the bus to a baseball match, the post above is the stadium wall.

I lyk 2 drive fast, so don wanna use cars!

Sowmi said...

oh stadium wall??? hey really i thought it was jus a road...

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