Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Canada:

My eagerness to explore the colors & skies abroad came to a halt with my flight itenerary being confirmed. I will never forget the distant horizon that I saw in the early morning hours from the flight, something that I had wanted see for so many years. My transit was through Hong Kong & I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, even though I felt uneasy & cramped coz of the engine noise & space constraints. Business class wud b better, am sure.

Vancouver, this town is a beautiful one brushing everyone often with a cool breeze...First time am in an atmosphere filled with freshness of the least not that much smoke that checks the suspension system of our respiratory system. Way people respect rules here, amazing! can only hope to expect it to happen in our place in my lifetime... Far away river, airport, big mountains with an icing on the top have always been my wish to see list, but when that becomes possible altogether from my balcony, I guess am a bit lucky.

Happen to go to my first base ball game! it was nice to hang out with everyone, get to see people and their behaviour. Went to Stanley park, a big one along the river. Visited Canada Place, lovely view of the hills, river & distant cities. Visited Aquarum - fishes, dolphins, whale...planning to visit a rain forest & few more in the coming days...Heard there are too many good places to go around. But currently not able to travel that much due to the working hours. Sure this place is costly compared to some other towns here...but prices are OK when there is a sale, reasonably good ones. Has to pay tax and products are costly because of that reason. Food items are very costly and cooking is the best option available.

People here used to glance when I wandered around with my overcoat in summer with amazement. Even that was a bit cold for me. I am at the beginning of the winter & temperature is around 14 degrees. Its just going to get more colder dropping to zero & below...

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