Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Out on a cold night in Canada:

I dont even know where the dance clubs in chennai are located but I have heard some are in the ECR. Never had a desire to visit too. If dancing was something that I had loved like my brother maybe I would have paid a visit. Here it just happens that whoever happens to cross that busy street in the weekends, go to those dance clubs. It was an extremely cold night when we set out on my first trip to the dance club, stuffing those that I hate the most "Burger" to answer to the echos that I hear inside. The way to the particular street was lit with superb lighting. It was not bright but the entire streets surrounding was lighted based on the construction of the buildings. When I saw the people in the street with amazing costumes & so different, I forgot the the impact of the pain in my hands that I felt due to the chillness of the breeze that was sweeping the entire place. So stylish, so much natural that they all looked like they were made to order. There I was glancing at the variety of cultures taking a stroll in the busy street and was just amazing to be out there. It was like a fashion show, ramp being replaced by the streets! When my friends were quite involved in dancing for a long time, I did try out a few steps. The indoor lighting was just too good & I really felt the absence of my camera. Those are colors that I would love to capture especially when they are beams of different colors ...

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