Sunday, April 26, 2009

Engulfed with Darkness...

I still remember, a policeman who played in the same clay court whereI I started going to play tennis asked me. "Why is that you picked up tennis? Why not something else..." I did'nt expect someone to ask me like that, but what immediately came to my mind was "This is something that I dont love, but always wanted to give it a try" and I did say that to him as well.

I should admit that though it involved some practice matches with my cousin, Justin and some with the club is something that I liked playing but hate missing it now!

Well I thought may be its time to shed some light on my "Babolat" [ Those who are familiar with Rafael, he uses the same brand]

I had very limited space and one source, still sometimes that tempts me to attempt something like this. Space where I'm trying to set this up is actually my wardrobe.

NOTE: It was a torch light, which is safe. But should remember not to look into the light.

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Sowmi said...

AMAZING and it is BABOLAT?!?!!? wow!! superb really.. and the pic is amazing amazing...

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