Saturday, May 02, 2009

What do I Like - My Echo's

It is certainly not fair to think that someone who hardly knows me, would know the impact of the words uttered. It could have been juz for fun, whiling away time or routine activity. It might have been my misinterpretation as well.

But to me, it has been positive altering my thoughts and life style for the past few days. It has been few years since someone has done that to me. What is it that makes me like someone...while it is an answer that would only be answered by time, I think of the echos that I hear deep within me, my likes...

n of course da one tat sticks to me always - Olympus E500...
anythin outta Flute [esp metallic],
'Trying' to be fit,
Win after a struggle,
Care after a wait,
Tear outta joy [havnt exp yet, only seen],
Smiles that can make me fall,
Simplicity that is so subtle,
My little darling Niece - Shana [all babies],
Playing Tennis,
People watching,
Hot Shower,
Chicken roast,
Crab Masala...

...list is gonna grow

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Sowmi said...

I love
nature, photography, fashion, movies, flute, writing, blogging, care after a wait, tear outta joy (I HAVE EXPERIENCED), Simplicity, Babies, Travel, People Watching, Long Shower, Chocolates (lately), rains, smell of the moist soil after the rain, breeze, and yeah list is endless... I love mandolin too... and this photo is also good... I loved this post so so much...

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