Saturday, July 11, 2009

Collated emoticons!

One sentence that I often quote is "Life throws a bunch of surprises". It all results in, well a mixture of emotions, I say - Collated emoticons!

We all have our own collection isn't it?

It's a pleasure to watch both kids & flowers grow, from close by. Both are full of energy and can make one smile, feel fresh, light & make our day brighter. Now I miss my little darling Niece - Shana very much and can't wait to get back to chennai! Whatever, I still remember the smiles (which I had forgot) she brought of me when I held her in my hands one year back. But for now its juz diff varieties of flowers around Richmond to stare at.

If you were wondering what's so special about this was among my first few shots from the first day of my stint with my new camera in chennai, 2 yrs back...n am stil a beginner! I wanted to use it on something and walked down my apartment to the front yard with these flowers...


lakshmi said...

the photo looks beautiful
and yes kids are the lovely flowers in our garden of life
very nicely written

Sowmi said...

beautiful and yeah to see the kids grow is very cute :)

Smilie! said...

I love the color combo - red and green is my fav! :)


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