Monday, July 13, 2009

The Contradictions...

Self shot - with timer of 12 more of those dayz ven I wanted to while away with the time. Cudnt think of anything better to suit the title, picture and content. Dont be worried "The Dark Age" is still not near. Juz that my desire to experiment with dark shades hasnt subsided yet. After all what can I do - If I don't have anyone to pose for me with shirts off, but to click myself! Of course being sure that Aamir wud never come to know of my blog...

For some reason I feel its really hard to read long posts, but these wud b lyk a note in the years to come for me. Especially when someone lyk me who is not so keen doing a self-analysis...If you are ready to challenge your patience, proceed to read.

...lyk to live simple in my own style, but stil fancy my chances of being in da fashion industry [as a photographer]
...lyk to be composed, but stil desperate for adventure
...Keen to be among da best places - nature has, but lazy to travel
...dont dream much for am too practical, but stil wish I have few super powers
...hate me n hate is wat one will get, but stil lyk Christ's preachings strictly against non-violence, but stil lyk Gandhi not addicted to anything, is it an addiction too!
...hate my spontaneity sometimes, but stil enjoy to see others being so
...can be a perfectionist, but most of da times I hardly try to
...some can forgive lyk me, but none can be as unforgiving as me [rarely n it depends]
...crazy about writing, but stil write very less
...word 'love' sounds alien to me, but I treasure care
...get fascinated by da rich colors, but stil fall for Black & white
...hate darkness, but not when I have a camera
...Did lotta sketching, but I dont even rem ven was da last time I sketched
...can be heard louder in a crowd, but I stick to my silence
...wudnt care about destiny too much, but for only one thing

This was taken when I wasn't working out. Probably would get some better one's after a month, since it has become a part of my daily schedule lately.


Mitr - Friend said...

Why do I feel I've seen this shot already..???!!!!!
Posted in Orkut..???
Or posted already in 'Pidithadhu'..???

Chriz said...

i am strictly for non violence..
liked the part when you said that you love to remain silent in a crowded room :)

are you really violent?

Sowmi said...

I liked the things which you've told about yourself :) and the pic is good for the mixture of colors, grey and black :) Black is my favorite color :)
You do sketching??? Thats new to me...I've to check out :)

You hate your spontaneity??? OH! I like your spontaneity Sujay :)

Sowmi said...

One of your very very few longest posts :) Probably 3rd or 4th longest post I guess :)

It was not boring rather it was interesting to get to know more about you :)

Sujay said...

Yes Bhusha...itz der.

Chriz, I have felt people dont take seriously if its not said in a strange way/ harder way. I dont have any scars coz of it...luckily. My silence is worser than my attitude, friendz say.

Sowmi, der r a few other shots 2...kinda artistic. ven der was no technology at my reach, sketchin kept me busy. yea...i think I shud write more...

Sowmi said...

Write more :) You'll have one regular reader for sure :)

Smilie! said...

working on 6/7/8 pack? :)
All the best!

Sujay said...

Shalini...da pizza's, danish cakes & sick sandwiches hav better effect than my work outs...also work out at home, so 4 is possible, i guess!

Mojo said...

Even though large area of the photo is darker, it conveys the subject well.I like it. I like your sense of humor.

Sujay said...

Gld u lykd it Mojo. It was intentional to tak it darker.

joshi daniel said...

loved dark tones which helps in outlining the body.

Sujay said...

I lyk such bright n dark shades...but dis1 not as gud as urs - u wit ur abs!

N.J. LiQuiD rEaMs.. said...

ok I hadnt seen this before.. But I think it's a great pic and you look great as well..

I love dark pics, specially self-shots (I got a lot of myself) But what I like the most about yours is that there's a story beside every pic. It seems that we have several things in common and most of all I thank you for this post because it has brought some peace to me while I was reading it..

I got specially stuck in this part, which is probably the part I love the most: "can be heard louder in a crowd, but I stick to my silence"

Well my distant stranger friend..take care (and forgive my long coments I hope it's not too boring for you to read them)

Sujay said...

Not at all Neny...I luv such comments n am glad to give you peace...yes, we share a lot in common...definitely not sure you had not shared the pics with anyone - how about this stranger friend!

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