Sunday, August 30, 2009

Controlled Care...

Control...that is the only invisible weapon that we desire to have on everything.

Most often it goes out of our limits...but till then everyone is a king/ queen in their own backyard.

Look at the way she is controlling her horse. It's a fabulous sight to see them control it, especially when the horses get excited/afraid...infact the race horses are accompanied by a well trained horse by their side before the race, to keep their head cool. She is riding on one such horse. It requires tremendous strength and control to ride a beast...most importantly, an understanding of the beast.

Wish I could let somethings go out of my control (Rang De Basanti style). There has got to be someone for me (for everyone else too), for I can be controlled by care and not a careless attitude.

Am I a beast too...!

On a frustrated hunger note: Me & my friend were shopping around the whole day today and were quite eager to end our day with 'Goat Biriyani', the best one. We got delayed due to a cashier, who was waiting for some information on a product price. So we missed our bus and had to wait to take the next one. After sometime we reached our destination, crossing another good restaurant on the way, just to hear that no orders would be taken. So we returned back to the one we saw earlier, only to be told by them that they are also closed. 10PM under the beautiful moon, sitting opposite to the same restaurant with hunger is ok. But to stare at the glowing lights & the running letters on the bill board that says "You can eat all for $9.99. Chicken Kebab, Mutton biriyani, Hot Naan, Tandoori chicken, Samosa, Vegetable pulao, Goat Biriyani, Aloo pakoda..." is deeply, seriously frustrating [Try it].

What not and you would not want to know what words were running in my mind...letters were still running outside the closed shutters of the restaurant, as we boarded our bus.

I almost lost my control...


வெங்கிராஜா said...

Haha! LOL. Interesting pic!

Anonymous said...

First, the pic is very very beautiful. I never knew that it was "she" until you mentioned in the post. Wonderful :)

Second, about control! Yes we need someone to control us. I don't believe in self-control stuff! Though I am having self-control over few things! Everyone is a beast! Its not only you!

Third, I feel very sad that you couldn't eat your Chicken Kebab, Mutton biriyani, Hot Naan, Tandoori chicken, Samosa, Vegetable pulao, Goat Biriyani, Aloo pakoda :( I know how it feels. Because many times I've compromised for my hunger when I return from classes at late nights :(

Very beautiful post with two things as example for "Control" :)

Take Care :)

joshi daniel said...

the picture really shows the controlling and i also first thought that to be a male.

Smilie! said...

All your horse pics look very English! :) :)

N.J. LiQuiD rEaMs.. said...

Uhmm very interesting post.. to be honest it deeply touched me..

"Control" is an utopic dream to me.. oh How I wish I could tame myself! and somehow I do it... I do control my inner demons and angels but I'm not happy doing it.. there should be (like you said) a special someone for each one of us with whom we could be ourselves with no control at all OR.. someone who can control us without the feeling of being trapped... control us by love and care...

Sometime ago I needed someone who could put a chain on me.. if that someone had existed... many bad things in my life wouldnt have happened..

Like your friend said.. We are all beasts! but some of us know better our own limits...

beautiful pic.. and I'm sorry for your frustrated meal time... I know how it feels when all doors close in your face while your stomach claims for attention hehe... Well my distant friend keep on writing ok? it makes me happy to read your blog and see your pic... And by the way yeah.. I'm almost back but I didnt like too much the design I made so I'll probably change it later ;)

Chandrika said...

This simply shows that you're a deep-thinker. :)

It feels good to read your posts. :)

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