Sunday, August 16, 2009

Run For It...

Race is on...and everyone has to run - Win or Lose.

To go to a race has been a desire for many years. When my friend Chitanya invited me to the race I can only accept it as last time could not join him. But then this week has been the worst for me and I required such a break. Infact I had thought of posting a self-portrait, which I had taken a week back. But then I did not want to bore everyone with my pictures.

This picture is one more of those attempts to capture those real moments. It was good to go out on a bright & sunny day and win few dollars (never mind about the loss).

I could read their eyes...some more snaps to come: the horse which won for me, close-ups, Stroll, etc., I admire these beasts for their strength, stamina and determination.


Smilie said...

Oh.. it must have been a wonderful experience!
I like the pic too!


வெங்கிராஜா said...

நன்றாக இருக்கிறது.. என்ன இன்னும் சில படங்களைப் போட்டிருக்கலாம்!

joshi daniel said...

that's cool and would love to see your new self-portrait too :)

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyy :) Pic is good and congrats on winning few bucks too :)


N.J. LiQuiD rEaMs.. said...

let's see...mmm How do you think you can get us bored with your pics??? No way!!!!! all the oposite I think Im not the only one who expects for your next shot ;) it seems that it's been a hard week for ya.. I hope everything is better now...
I'll be off trying to re disign my place but It doesnt mean that I wont keep an eye on ya! ok?

P.s: Great pic by the way... I love horses they inspire strenght and respect.. wonderful animals!!!

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