Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blue Vs Green

Its true that I prefer to capture sky blue, but if an option is provided between blue and green, I'll take green. There are so many places in India that I have heard about. For someone who had hardly travelled outside his state, cant be too many destinations.

One place that always comes fresh is Kumali. We had stopped on the way to Kerala during my college trip. What a place, it's still fresh in my memories & I felt it like heaven. Unbelievable is what I should say. Fresh air, mist everywhere, surrounding hills, green coconut trees along the hill slopes, traditional sarees & dhotis...Wow... a place to revisit, definitely.

And I went back to Kerala, trivandrum - kazhakootam, after few years...greenery, the backwaters and the freshness...irresistible. My friends who work there dint have time to take me out...I should make sure that I take a tour package next time! But I sure enjoyed the bike rides when I used to drop them in their office and heading back fast between the green hills and the silent waters.

I had thought of having my own cottage somewhere up in the hills, facing the horizon, among the mist where only the wind that whizzes between the trees can be heard. Lyk da one in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Yup Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor 2...Awesome place it wud be yeah...!

I really don't know how good I'll fare with my camera but it would be definitely a place that would make me forget myself. Have been to many places here, but the same feeling is missing...

...and even now ven I see nice places, get a visual of the moment I landed in Kumali!
...n dese places luk silly...


Cynthia said...

i dont believe u,this place luks so damn like heaven,i mean each and every place has it own value,so i personally personally nature cannot b compared with one another.

Sujay said...

S, itz true...I always feel gud among nature, be it any form - I had meant tht travelling far need not be an option to get the best!

Sowmi said...

Is this Kumali??? INcredible I say!!

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